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Brand architecture is an approach that incorporates all aspects of taking a brand to market. Here’s a look at the concrete impact brand architecture has had on some organisations.

Make Réno-Dépôt a true symbol of renovation in Quebec
Josée Massé
Marketing Director

“Brand architecture has allowed us to occupy a unique territory with a clear positioning while elevating the brand to an economic and cultural phenomenon—a symbol of renovation in Quebec.”

Create branded content to reconnect with its audience
Ludovic Hilaire
Brand and Communications Manager, ING Direct France

“The brand architecture approach differs from traditional methods in its direct operational aspect. After 10 years of existence, after a global financial crisis that has dramatically altered the relationship between people, money and banks, and facing an increasingly more aggressive competitive world, ING Direct France needed to revisit its mission and raison d’être. There was a need to generate more engaging, more structured branded content that would connect with our audience and become a mobilising force internally. With ZA communication , we performed an in-depth analysis that has guided the brand’s voice, its attitude in society, while preparing the communication foundation with a clearly established strategic vision.”